Looking for work?
It doesn’t have to be hard

Looking for a new job should be an exciting phase in your life but the reality is usually quite different. Fear, stress, doubt and frustration are feelings commonly mentioned by clients – until they understand and take the steps necessary to find a new job or to gain the advancement they want.

Our experts at CareerFocusNZ can support you from anywhere in New Zealand or overseas. A confidence boost, a professional CV that leads to interviews, or a career counselling session to bring some clarity to your future employment journey? Distance is no obstacle! Skype us for a long distance consultation and let us help you move your career forward. 

Your dentist is to your pearly whites what a careers counsellor is to your next career move

In the same way that we seek a reputable dentist to look after our pearly whites, or take our prized wheels to a skilled mechanic, an experienced, qualified careers professional is the best way to ensure that we feel confident about the career pathway we want to follow. Knowing what skills make us more employable and understanding what employment will make us feel professionally and personally fulfilled is crucial to the success of your employment decisions.

There are some key steps that job searchers will need to take in order to transition successfully into a new position or role and this often requires a consultation with a Northland job search specialist from CareerFocusNZ. No matter what your skills, qualifications or employment background, the road to a successful transition is pretty much the same for everyone.

Muriel can confidently show you the way that will lead to the job you have been hoping to find and make sure that you are prepared and confident to apply for it. With twelve years’ experience in career counselling, supporting individuals of all ages and backgrounds into employment or further studies, Muriel from CareerFocusNZ gets results.

So many aspects of our lives – our wellbeing, identities, self-confidence and relationships – are impacted by our work satisfaction. At CareerFocusNZ, we understand the transition process, whether it’s a career change, returning to work or if you’re needing a new job.

We understand Northland employers, we understand the Northland employment landscape, but most importantly – we understand YOU”.

  • Career counselling | Gain clarity, take stock
  • Individualised action plan to keep you moving
  • Local and national up to date employment landscape information
  • Face to face, mobile and Skype consultations
  • Industry connections
  • Professional CV & cover letter
  • Interview coaching
  • Migrant employment support
  • Ongoing support

It’s about informed long-term change for the better

Muriel’s talent lies in her ability to work alongside individuals and in guiding them to take stock of their personal and professional circumstances so that together they can find the perfect employment match. It’s not about a quick fix, but a long-term, fulfilling change for the better. She won’t let go until you are ready.

Let Muriel support and guide you through the job search steps to ensure that the outcome you reach is long-lasting, rewarding and positive. She will support you beyond the consultation work as you apply for jobs, attend interviews and when being offered a position. “Congratulations on your new job!” is just around the corner.


I wanted to talk to someone about potentially changing my career. Muriel gave great support and advice around my career plan. Her enthusiasm and brain storming skills were very helpful. She also provided lots of resources and tips. My CV is now looking very professional and I feel more confident moving forward. Thanks Muriel! – Adrianna Hepburn