We offer support for smooth transitions. Good for staff, good for you, great for business

We are letting you go! This job is not a good fit. We are restructuring. Sorry, we are downsizing”, however it is said, it’s not easy, either to say, or to hear.

Research tells us losing a job is in the “top ten most stressful life events” * for an individual. The stress can run two ways. Moving a staff member on affects the business too, there may be legal implications, loss of reputation (for both parties), impact on productivity, and importantly it may have a negative repercussions on workplace culture and staff wellbeing, for staff remaining, and the exiting employee.

“So pleased we decided to get support through this process, it was simple, good for me and the rest of our staff to know that KB had advice, a transition plan, and new employment options and support to move towards. I would highly recommend using Muriel and her team at CareerFocusNZ as part of the exit plan for staff (Northland business)

At CareerFocusNZ, we can step in at the critical moment, often when emotions run high and the pressure is on. We can partner with your business, and walk alongside the transitioning employee, providing empathetic and professional support to ensure a positive outcome for both parties.

• Career counselling
• Career development coaching
• Individualised action plan
• Employment landscape information
• Job search coaching in NZ and overseas
• Industry contacts
• Professional CV & Cover letter writing
• Interview coaching
• Face to face consultation, mobile and on Skype

“As part of an exit package from my previous employer, I was given the opportunity to meet with Muriel from CareerFocusNZ. Within a very short time, I knew how to look for my next job and I was feeling confident about the skills I have to offer employers, I had an action plan, useful leads and I was employed within two weeks”. M.B., June 2019

Refererence: *Holmes Rahe Scale