When do I make decisions about restructuring? And is redundancy inevitable?

As the end of the wage subsidy approaches, many employers are now weighing up whether their restructured business plan will lead to redundancies.

A workplace restructure brings anxiety and stress to both employers and staff. It is important that as an employer you have the opportunity to discuss your options with an independent organisation, outside of your management team or staff. Working with us at Career Focus NZ, we can help you openly and honestly look at the staff skills set you require to fit the needs of your restructured business. Putting this off is not going to make the issue go away.

Identifying the staff who have the skills you need to move your business forward or those who are keen to upskill is also an important step in your restructure prior to considering redundancies.  You may have some hidden gems among your employees with skills you didn’t know about or with the desire to retrain, take a pay cut or reduce their hours in order to remain with you. As we all know, there is a cost to recruitment, so if you have the necessary skills – and more importantly, loyalty – already in your team, this is a definite benefit.

Once you have followed a fair and transparent process to identify the employees who will lose their positions due to the required restructure, the support you offer them will ease the blow of any redundancy announcement and reinforce that you are a caring and fair employer. This is never an easy process, for you or your staff, but if it’s managed well, with good communication and transparent decision-making, you can all walk away knowing you did the best you could.

There are many ways you can support your outgoing staff, including:

  • Career advice and counselling to ease the anxiety of potential redundancy
  • Career redirection and outplacement support for your outgoing staff or those seeking to apply for a different role within your company
  • Professional CV, cover letter, interviews
  • Job search support to ensure they secure employment in the shortest possible time

Don’t leave it until it’s too late. Talk to us now about how we can support you – and your staff – through the challenges of restructure and redundancy.